Hello all
I have just been to the dentist, and I went to get my teeth cleaned, nothing too huge. However, I have gingivitis (have had for a long time, my dad has it too it's not a big deal) so my gums bled quite a lot whilst I got my teeth cleaned there. When I came out, I began to worry quite a lot about HIV due to the amount of blood from my gums as my teeth were cleaned, making me susceptible to blood borne disease. So for some background information, I've been going to my dentist for a good five years now and my parents go too. There aren't any complaints or anything but these scandals always come out of the blue or else they wouldn't be scandals. The people that went in before me were some school kids which is reassuring as I doubt they have HIV but I am not sure. How long does the virus stay on the utensils? I didn't see the dentist lady clean the tools but I don't know if she did it whilst I was waiting, I'm not sure. It only seems right to sterilize them. There was a short wait between me and the people who came before me. However I just want to know , it is possible that I could contract HIV from the dentist (like I said, my gums were bleeding). What is the likelihood of this happening etc. Etc. Thanks