I have taken Tramadol many times in the past and never had any problems with it. Yet yesterday I started having chest pains, making it difficult to move and breathe. Then this turned into a fever where I was sweating heavily and felt very cold in my hands and feet. Then I tried going to bed with no luck so I took one of my least favorite meds - Soma - since it knocks me out. I did get to sleep, but was very difficult. I woke up multiple times with the chest pain. I woke up soaked in sweat, after about 4 hours, the chest pain seemed to have decreased and I was able to move a little easier. My bed was literally soaked in sweat. Now its been about 12 hours and I still have some chest pains and I have taken anything.

I have never had problems with tramadol in the past so I am a little confused on what caused this. I also take zoloft, and buspirone daily.