my 5 year old son was sent to the ER back in September for what we believed was asthma attacks, after treatments, being sent home, and his pediatrician ordering a chest x-ray, they found the mass. 4.8cm by 7.6cm. blocking 95% of his trachea. thus causing the non stop wheezing that presented like asthma. they transferred us to STL children, 2 hours away. and refused to do a biopsy. they did blood work, and came positive for histoplasmosis. they sent us home, with a minimum of 6 months of itraconazole 10mg twice a day. the mass itself is responding great to the treatment, he doesn't wheeze anymore, but at his last chest x-ray, they do a new one monthly, they found another mass. they did a cat scan, and it was an enlarged lymph node and a calcified spot, they claim is from the histo dying. his spleen and all lymph nodes in his neck armpits and groin are enlarged. they have done blood tests, and tell me they are abnormal, but no more then what they were when he had his 1st appointment with them in October. I was never informed of this, his whites are high, reds are low, and im terrified. should I go somewhere for another opinion? should I find somewhere that will biopsy? have any of you ever dealt with something like this? I just want my baby to get better.