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Hii can u help me if there is anyway to use finasteride topically by grinfing ?

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Marvell 27 Oct 2011

Could you please explain what you meant by "grinfing"?

DrDonovan 10 Jan 2015

An experienced compounding pharmacy can grind finasteride into solution. This is not the FDA approved means of administration.

However - an incorrect assumption would be that grinding it into a topical solution leads to less absorption and is safer.

This assumption is all too common. Topical finasteride does get absorbed into the blood and a similar array of side effects are possible. Whether the side effects occur less commonly is unknown and more importantly - whether this even helps hair loss at all is unknown.

Any of topical finasteride is doing so at one's own risk - at least for now.

A novel finasteride 0.25% topical solution for androgenetic alopecia: pharmacokinetics and effects on plasma androgen levels in healthy male volunteers. Caserini M, et al. Int J Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2014

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