Could spider bite and treatment for be cause?also,doc presc5mg amlodipine besylate,activity of drug enough to return to freedom of 129/79?Already have discomfort associated with treatment(i.e.known side effects),sluggish metabolism,tiredness and headaches,swelling and weightgain,also zero blood pressure establishable(not to brag),depression and significant nausea,plus feeling cold even with no fever,hell as far as help(iemood swings and anger)guess I'm just not digesting food for "energy",balance off,major muscle group twitches when at rest,ow.Stop hurting me.Take with aspirin?Also taking calcium(Tums smoothies(NO SOY)magnesim and ginseng(nausea)and allergic to Ibuprofen.LOTS and LOTS of painful gas and stomach like a balloon.Recurrent and constant lower back pain and needle-stick injury pain,especially in legs and hips and lower backside.NOT anxious to try something,anything,please please quit assaulting me. J.S.