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What is the highest dosage a person can take of synthroid?

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kaismama 7 Aug 2014

The amount it takes to get your TSH in the normal range is as high as you should go.

muma 10 Aug 2014

This isnt answering my a dose of 200 mg too much.or how high can it go to?

endlessPred 6 Sep 2014

Your question was answered, it is based upon the results of your TSH test. If you want to know if it is dangerous, anything that makes you hyper or hypo is too low or too much. This depends upon the person.

I take 112mcg and on other days am prescribed 224mcg, weekly. It controls my TSH in the range that makes me feel normal. This TSH range is 1.0 to 3.0 for many, but not all people. Your endocrinologist will adjust you until you feel ok. This takes months. Need not worry about dose level. Look at how you feel. Let your doctor do the math. Be sure you work with an endocrinologist. You will be fine.

j9xo 20 Jun 2017

I think @muma is referring to the maximum amount someone can be prescribed. I was once told that 175mcg is the maximum prescription, but obviously it can go higher, so I'm wondering the same thing.

pottermama7129 1 Aug 2017

Well when I was pregnant in 2012, my endo had a terrible time keeping up with my TSH changes. By the time I delivered (37w6d), I was 600mcg of Synthroid. I stayed on that dose for a few weeks following his birth to bring my TSH back down to "my normal" of around 0.2, since I have thyca even after TT and two doses of RAI. Now I take 350mcg daily. My endo tried lowering it this year since I've been experiencing a lot of hyper side effects due to planned weight loss but my TSH jumped up into the normal range, which they won't allow me to be. /: Also my sons thyroid has been checked out twice and it's functioning perfectly so my high dosage didn't have any effect on his thus far.

Catnappers3 22 Dec 2017

I am on 200 and 5’7” . I have malabsorption that’s why mine is so high.

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