Was on the pred pack work well till the last day then next morning I woke up and I couldn't' walk well and my hands and legs hurt couldn't grab anything so DR gave me 10mg to start with 4x a day then 3 x a day then 2x a day then stop I took the 3 x a day and my my sugar went up to 400 so I went to 20 mg x a day and sugar is at 246 now on 15mg once a day but dose not do anything I want to just stop. going to start therapy tomarrow only been on 15 mg for last 2 days to day took only 10 mg don't know what else I could take for it I had a bad case of gastritis and Don't want to deal with the high sugar reading my 1AC was 6.3 I have pain in my shoulder upper and lower back too don't know what to do ?