Please help! Im very high strung?
I go off so easily and get aggtivated at the smallest things. I yell at my kids if they spill drinks make messes are being loud while im studying. In the mornings every morning is a fight with my oldest about her clothes because she is picky and it drives me nuts and I go crazy literally have to go in my room a minute and grab a towel and scream. I am depressed and take pristiq and lamcital and the smallest amount of fluoxetine for ocd(which I dont think is enough) I also go crazy if there is a mess anywhere and always worry about things getting ruined. I cant get doctors to understand when I try to explain whats going on about this high strung thing im sick of yelling at my kids I wanna be more chill. What meds work. ? Would I benifit from switching pristiq or adding something? Please help and how should I explain this to my doc? Im dying inside