I've been on Effexor XR taking a dosage of 375mg (5 75mg caps/once a day) for a few years to treat Major Depressive Disorder. I recently moved to Colorado from Minnesota and trying to find health insurance that covers the brand name seems impossible. I am going through Connect for Health Colorado (Obama care).

I would have to pay 30-40% out of pocket and because of my high dosage, I would be paying $300-400 a month and I don't qualify for Medicaid. The cheapest price I've found for straight out of pocket is around $1200/month for 150caps 75mg. That's over half of my monthly income.

I was wondering if anyone has used/been approved for the Pfizer patient assistance program. Apparently, you can get reduced or free medication if you don't make much money. I tried the generic a few years ago and had horrible mood swings and a rash, so my MN doctor did a brand name only request.

Any info is appreciated!