So I’m 38 years old and suffered a heart attack about 10 months ago. 99% blockage in my widow maker artery. I still have occasional issues with angina and sometimes just not feeling good. I notice when I feel this way my blood pressure is about 150/110. It seems to always happen when my Dia pressure is over 100. I’m currently on Brilinta 90mg, metoprolol such ER 100mg, lisinopril 5mg, isosorbide ER 30mg, spironolactone 25mg and children’s chewable aspirin 81mg all once a day except Brilinta I take 2x daily. Was wondering if I can take more of any of these medications when I get these pressure spikes because it really scares the crap out of me? I don’t like feeling like that. Especially after my last event where I was gone for 10 minutes before they were able to bring me back. Any help/advice is appreciated.