... subsequent med changes with horrible results. I'm presently on Lisinopril 20mg taken in AM and Metoprolol 25mg taken at night. At least 3 times per week I'm having 'events' where my BP rockets from normal to 174/102/99. Dosage lisinopril increased to 30mg and then began the real BP rollercoaster. Dosage decreased back to 20mg. So my question is, how to cope with the idea that my DR's advice is to take a .5mg dose of Alprozolam which essentially knocks me out? I don't have panic attacks. I'm only anxious when my heart feels like it is about to explode. I'm usually asleep when these events occur. How can I get past the thought that the answer is to virtually incapacitate myself in order to get through these frequent HBP episodes? There has got to be a better solution than putting my heart and kidneys at such great risk. And I worry that while I'm sleeping like a zombie I won't feel it if I begin having a heart attack or stroke. sigh