Could it be becuase of my diet. I eat a lot of oreos and drink water every few days. I know I should chnag ethisn but sometimes that only sounds good to eat. I am wondering, will this chnage in 3 weeks if I chnage my diet and drink water? or is it more than that and permenent? I am 30 years old weigh 120 pounds, so Im in good shape. smetimes my heart hurts but its mor elike a hurt burn and goes away, so should I be worried or is this a sign? my blood pressure drops to 120/80 somedays, I am on a stimunalnt to help me stay awake thorugh out the day, but for years before I starte dthis medciation, my blood pressure was always like this. I can tell whenit rises during the day becuase I feel a little light headed but nothing bad or have to sit down, wheni check yep, over 140/90 somthing or higher. the most it was at was 160/110, but wen tdown when i took it again. I see a doctor in 3 weeks to check my bloodpresdure reeadings that I have to take 3 times a day, to see if its a time of day pattern or what. thats what I go tout of it. so I plan to see if my diet and water will make a difference 3 weeks from now