... 145) over (70 - 80), by using a daily tablet of 10mg Perindopil + 10 mg Amlodopin. About 11 weeks ago I was put on antibiotics for life, because of an infection after I had an aneurism repair in my groin. The antibiotcs are: Ciprofloxacin (270mg) and Rifampicin (300mg) twice a day.I noticed that within a week from starting the antibiotic tablets my blood pressure went up to 160 and 4 weeks later it had exceeded 180/80. The GP proscribed Atenol 50 mg but it had very little impact and even after doubling the dose the BP is now over 200/90. Contrary to the assurance of infectious diseases doctor, I now believe that Rifampicin negates the working of Amlodipin. The question therefore is this: Seeing that Amlodipin was a very effective BP surpressor, what can replace it with the same effectiveness but not interact with the antibiotics??? I want to avoid a protracted period of trial and error tests.
Thank you for your attention.
F.H. Chamalaun