were like killing me. I'm taking Effexor xr 225mg (but the brand name). I was taking Effexor XR 225mg generous for a month and I was feeling better, but I was such an idiot switching to the brand name for better and here I am like starting from the begininng... feeling worse the first week, and now second week stabilizing little by little. My patience is 0 right now... I think there is now light at the end of the tunnel. They are playing with our life... I paid 200 for the brand name and It's supposed to be the same drug but it seems it is not exactly the same. My psych told me stay on the brand name for a month because if I go back to the generous it might be worse... I'm so tired... this is hell. I have another question, I'm not bipolar but my doc recommended a mood stabilizer until the effexor kick in (if it will) called Lyrica ... never heard about that. Anybody has any idea, or did anybody with Major Depr take a mood stabil with Effexor XR? Thank you