Four yrs ago I was diagnosed with rectal cancer @ 36yrs. old. Since it was aggressive, I had to have my rectum taken out through my abdomen, the cancer cut out and the rectum replaced. For healing time, I had to wear a temporary colostomy bag (which was the wost time in my life!!! ) and after 9wks, was re-attached. I am cancer free now but still suffer awful pain in my rectal area. I just had surgery b/c the scar tissue causes the rectal area to close up and makes it impossible to have bowel movements. During the procedure, my Dr. stapled my rectum open. I still have lots of pain (spasms..that feel like someone is stabbing me repeatedly in the rectum and intense throbbing). I have been taking Oxycodone for the pain but was just today prescribed Neurontin. The Dr. said it would help with all the spasms and should calm the nerves down. I was wondering if in your opinion, it should help? I have been going through this for 4yrs and I am really reaching my limit. The pain is soooo intense that it's hard (and b/c of the area..a little embarassing) to describe and for anyone to understand. It interfers with every aspect of my life so much that I am considering having a permanent colostomy put in. This is a very difficult decision considering that when I had one before, I at times wished I was dead(it was that bad for me). I really don't know what else to do. I am at this point... willing to try ANYTHING that might give me a life back. Any suggestion (for pain medicine,procedures, therapy..anything) would be extremley appreciated. Thank you!