Hi. I wanted to thank all of you who responded to my earlier comment re:fibromyalgia & narco 4x's daily. I do have fibromyalgia & depression and I do suffer from mild/moderate pain daily. I don't think my pain management dr. understands how bad I feel. It's difficult because he is also an addictionologist and treats pt's w/addiction issues. I feel like he thinks I am an addict. I don't think I am. Yes, before I was diag. I took maybe 7-10 500mg vicodion a day due to chronic pain. This was rx from my PCP dr. and I always took as directed. I just now started pain management. This new dr. I chose for hisoutstanding reputation etc.. He placed me on Savella, Roboxin & Zoloft he also prescribed Subutex 2mg 4x's daily for pain. He took me off the Narco all together. I have been seeing him for the past 6mo's and I try to explain how bad I feel. There have been no changes in med's. Now, I do feel like I am a drug addict for being so persistant. I spoke w/my PCP and he is willing to precribe Narco 10-325 4x's daily along w/all the other medications. This is only if I decide to discontinue seeing my pain management dr.. I am just REALLY CONFUSED! I don't know what to do and what would be best for me. I am an honest person and I just want help for the pain. Thanks. Sorry for long drawn out explanation.