... mental up lifting . to touch on my story first yes like many of you i had knee surgury was given vicodin in the beginning and then changed to tramadol because they did not want to get hooked on vicdin lol. i was in the medical field for 20 years as a nurse decided to change for a while but with all my background i still fell for the line nonaddictive which is a crime.need less to say over the year i have become just that taking 8 to 12 pills a . but as it happens the lord stepped in and prevented me getting more [ i will thank him later lol ] . came off7 days ago cold did have a few lortabs lasted about a day, this is my fear my brain will not shut off and can be sorrow or stupid random thought have not slept i 3 days the tiredness is over whelming the tummy problems are the same i know very strongley that this is not the way but i am here now and feel that doing a titer down will put that darn pill back in my mouth this i promice that will never happen again but would like some help on how to settle this wonderful brain god gave me lol all of you people are wonderful and just sharing your stories help so mush sorry if i went on to long but i pray for u all and understand keep up the fight we will win with god