... mg very fast. This changed nothing!! I did this because I started having terrible difficulty with constipation!! I have been dealing with this for three years now and can not eat and feel like I am dying!! All my "Docs" say it is your methadone slowing down your transition times!! Food is not moving through your colon!!! I have had my colon checked!!! It is fine!! I have had an upper GI check.. Nothing there!!! Blood work all fine and dandy according to the "docs".. I have had to GI blocks.. And had to have an NJ tube shoved in my face twice!!! It was so painfully I had it pulled both times!!! I walk around felling bloated all day, and the only thing that seems to make me pass any stool at all... Is Milk of Magnesia!! But it cause more bloating until in makes it through the system, and all I get is dark brown watery stoll with only small amounts of actual fecal matter... I Fell Like I AM DYING!!! I need to get of this evil methadone and fast before it kills me!!! Because I WILL NEVER ALLOW an NJ TUBE to be SHOVED in my face AGAIN!! I rather have my head blown off!! Please, Please someone help me!!