I have been tapering for about 6wks now from approx. 120mg of percs a day to 20mg of oxycontin 2x a day. I have been sticking to taper even though I have all the oxycontin in my home. I have been trying to live my normal life, sometimes a little shakey until next dose, which I moved up to 6 to 8 hrs from 10 hrs apart, Yesterday I was at my daughters house helping with my grandchildren, the oldes is 13 who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 2 years ago. They were all home sick and there was an incident with the 13 years old from his diabetes and I immediately took an extra oxycontin to help me deal. I am so mad at myself and I now know how much I still need them mentally and a little physical. No wd symptoms, just the shakiness, which I sometimes take half a xanax for instead of moving up my oxycontin. Just scared now, that I am not doing as well as I thought..need your comments on this please..hope no one is in too much pain today love to all Golda