I have been on 6 mg Suboxone, I had been on 3 1mg Xanax per day, had cut it in half and stopped taking Ambien 10mg. I was better, but my nausea and ear ringing would come and go. Now Im back up to 3 xanax per day, and ambien and suboxone 6 mg. I wake up every more so nauseous, i take a half of xanax and 2mg of suboxone, which used to make me feel better, now I still feel like I want to vomit and do not sleep that well. Any advice? I want to get off these but wonder why the uncomfortable feeling never goes and this nausea, feeling like im going to throw up all the time, Is awful! Right now i feel sick as a dog.
Please let me know if any one has this feeling. Thank u.