How can I get my question to him thru this forum. I really want help tearing off suboxone. I have been on it for 10 months and started at one 8mg pill twice a day. I slowly cut down on my own, and now I break the 8mg tab into 6 pieces. I take one 1/6 piece in the am and a second 1/6 piece in the pm. Like many Im in fear of potential withdrawals. I am currently in a major transition period in my life. I have great family and friends who provide a lot of support, however I have never shared any of my problem with pain pills, and now suboxone, with anyone except my sub doc. I have been able to "hide" things well, maintained a highly successful career, etc. And now I'm just tired and everyone thinks I'm depressed, and I am and although I have come a long way alone, I feel like I've been lying for so long. That said, I think I feel the need to taper off already because time keeps passing and soon it will be a year on subs. I don't want to be a slave to this or any other drug, I also feel like putting this "hiding" behind me. I don't know, for the first time I'm finally face to face with a situation that I can't just solve overnight. Any feedback is welcome. I would love to hear from Rob, wherever you are :). I would love to hear successful stories from people who managed to taper off suboxone with positive outcomes. I don't mean any criticism to those who've posted difficulties with withdrawals, I'm just in a place right now where I need hope from others that it's possible, regardless of the work I need to put into it. I realize my question has become a mini-series, I could go on and on, but I'll leave something for my next post or question. I really needed to vent. Whoever is reading this, thank you for taking the time to do so, and I wish you success in your journey wherever that may be right now. Thank you. T