Hi folks, odds are its late and can't sleep right. Well i'm not doing so great as of the 23rd last month.Pharmacy sends "matrix" patch instead of duragesic 100mg gel patch and say that's it they dont make the ones you need anymore,OK but two weeks of freezing sweatting, no long sleep bad spasms to the point of cramping, very upset to have my life turned aroung that sudden, the pain is now worse, i regresssed three years for sure,I don't uinderstand why. I was on duragesic fentiny 100mg every 48 hrs the matrix works about a third of that and cramping spasms are increadible.I don't smoke, do drugs,drink, i play guitar that's my curse.I havemt recorded in two weeks in my studio, can't. Three years ago I had 15-25 cortizons and ladocaine injections every two weeks and though the doctors gave up poking a tree trunk, too much scar tissue.I don't know where to turn. Has anyone experienced these problems as wel switching to the matrix ? if so please share it with me.In 1996 i was carrying a three hundred pound stainless CHedule 40 x 20 ft=318lbs pipe, my rookie gunho partner missed his footing and a very odd ring after i'm on my knees with thre guys trying to remove it off my shounlder, The worse part of it is nothing has helped for that feeling that every hair in my lower neck is being pulled individually all at the same time to the point of the root coming out, that's the best description, my head get all numb like dentist stuff be hing the ears and rear skull when the spapsms are bad. my english is not so good i'm french, don't hate me for that, we can be funny and sing good.Any response would be extremely helpfull, please