I was taking all because of a infection in back L3 L4 so my back all fixed and in can live with the pain it's 2 out 10 sometimes.I'm in NA for 15 years.It started in my 11th yr clean.I was on Methadone for10 yrs before I got clean 12/12/96.I shot a lot Heroin before Methadone.That is way I need so many pain meds. My first 8mg/2mg Suboxone on 11/30 at 9:00pm 13 hrs after my last 2 30mg oxycodones,one 2mg Dilaudid.My pain Dr. said that what the right time to the Suboxone but it wasn't in 2 hours I was so F-ckin' sick (Precipitated withdrawal).What I'd like to know is when will I feel better the way feel I should have done methadone something I know because it's been 80 hrs and I'm still sick, can't sleep and also co-pay for Sub was $235 for all the others it was $10 each any ideas.