I'm 41,& had stage 3 Endo, found during laprascopy for cysts last Oct. They "cleaned up" as much as possible, and I was put on LoSeasonique to control both problems.For the first 34 days I had spotting, but I stuck it out because I figured it was better than the agony I used to have. Then I started to have spotting/ bleeding like periods 2-3 weeks into each month.Now, about 6 months later, I finally gave up and asked for a different pill. I just got put on Sprintec, which I just started this week while still spotting. My question is, is it better or worse to have a "normal" 21 day cyclic pill, or is it better to try to maintain a continuous extended pill? My doc thinks I needed a "normal" cycle to regulate me.But I am confused how a" hormone free week" every month could be ok with the Endometriosis. [LoSeasonique has an Estrogen only pill for the last week.] How is all this bleeding good??ANY thoughts appreciated.