... on my own because i could not find any doctors in my area to help me. I have only relapsed once and that was day 8 into my methadone. i started my self on 30mgs a day of methadone(and yes i no u should never take someone elses meds but i couldnt get help anywhere else) and now im at 5mgs a day. now im stuck. ive tried to go split a 5mg in half but it didnt do anything so i took the other half and was fine. how do i taper off this last 5mg aday without being sick? I no i should have went to a clininc but the closet was 30 miles away so 60 miles round trip was to far for me and they told me that it would take me over a year to taper down. i dont wanna get hooked on methadone so thats another reason im doing it on my own but i just cant get past this last little bit. i no 5mgs is almost nothing but my body is still telling me its a big thing. i dont wanna get hooked on this or relapse back to the roxis. can anyone give me any advise? thanks