... and 30 years old now. on top of that i have eldhers danlos syndrom (know as marfans aswell) i also have bi-polor,schzo effetive disorder,and major migrains sence i was 10 years old. my mother, two brother and younger sister all struggle with the fibromyalgia and marfans. weird we all have the same things but all variy in symptoms. and have other heath problems we all share. i have a four year old daughter. and it has been horriable not beable to enjoy the littlest things with her and her thinking or wanting to take care of her mommy. very sad i hate my self because of that in its own. my question is iv tryed all and many medications. and have been treated like S*** from tons of doctors unbeliveable thing told to me. but iv gone on trying and hopeing for someone to understand and help. i just want to know if there is anyone else out there thats having the same bad luck with doctors or as many problems as or the same combination as mine. who has any advice on anything how to deal with it. im soooo lost confused overwelmed , and need some kinda help or helpful advice?