. What can I do at home to help this ? My husband has been rubbing it and that seems to help. But now I'm told if it's a blood clot that could be dangerous. I'm keeping it propped up and that helps too, no salt. But it's still swollen and hurts. All anyone can or will say is go to the doctor. But I've been treated so badly everywhere I go. So I hate to go. I'm scared it's a bloodclot and that now..that we've been rubbing it, because that does seem to help. that now I've made it worse. I'm scared it's going to travel to my heart or lungs. But..a symptom of blood clots said it would be painful to flex my foot up. And that's not painful for me. It's not fevered..but it does have red splotches here and there. I'm so scared at this point.