... to this I have been on Oxycotin, morphine, perks, dilaudid and hydrocodone. I have a serious back injury that has led me to my current doseing. However the last two months I have noticed that I am so very tired. And I mean beyond anything normal or just had to much fun for one day at disneyland tired. My head is foggy and feels clogged up. When I try to sleep its hard to fall asleep at such early times at like 8pm because my body isn't tired just my head. Im having restless sleep, leg tingling, drowsy and lousy feelings. I have stopped my other medication beside aderall and risperidone. I have the occasional Xanax for panic attacks and the feeling I feel almost 24/7 lately is comparable to being hopped up on to many downers. I have zero energy lately and feel tired all the time. Any idea of what is causing this, am I withdrawing? I stopped taking my medication 5 days ago. Any help please! I'm in college and am barely getting by :(