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How much do the blood count fall and mainly when is it possible to travel while taking bendamustine?

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my97tbird 22 Aug 2010

I have Hodgkin's lymphoma so I can only tell you my opinion from when I was going through chemo and I never heard of the bendamustine but when I was going through chemo within 24 hrs my counts dropped and I've been through chemo around 6-7 times so each time was different but majority of them my counts went down within 24 hrs. There were times I had to take shot called Neupogen (I think that's how it's spelled) but it's a shot that raises your white blood count which helps fight infections. When the chemo treatments were once a week my counts would come up within a few days and would repeat the same each week but the longer I was going through chemo the longer it would take for my counts to come back up. As for going on vacation you would have to talk to your doctor because each drug is different. So your doc. will be able to give you the best advise on that but once you've been taking the med. for a little while you'll know best on how you'll feel and if you will feel good enough to travel and in my opinion I wouldn't travel abroad due to you having a surpressed immune system. Good luck with everything and I wish you the best. Finally I really hope this was a question about hodgkin's if not I applogize. free discount card

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