After being in a clinic for 5 years, I FINALLY found a doctor willing to treat me w/methadone addiction. I was kicked out of my doctors office about 5 years ago and methadone was my only alternative. As of last Tuesday that was my last dose of Methadone. I was taking 180 mgs daily; 90 in them morning and 90 in the afternoon. I have fibromyalgia, rhumatoid arthritis, and severe panic attacks. My doctor said I was taking to much methadone which is not exactly for pain. He said for the future of my health I had to be on a REAL pain killer. Methadone only blocks your pain receptors on the spine and in the brain. I also take xanex 3 x's daily. Im allowed to double that until the misery of withdrawl goes away. I dont know anyone on here, but thought I would ask and see if anyone else has been in this situation. I have had a really tough week. My doctor said this is like coming of herion, Ive never taken that, I have however been through rehab before trying methadone clinics, been in 2. With the fenanyl I have had to take one patch atleast every other day. My doctor has been out of the office for Haunukka, no disrespect for the spelling, and the conversion sheet says that Im only taking an equal dose of methadone that would be 134 mgs. How long before the methadone is out of my system so that the pain patch will REALLY start to take effect. This sucks right at christmas time. If anyone has been through this please any anwser would be appreciated. Sometimes you feel like your the only one in the world like this. Im afraid to let my dr. know how I've had 3 patches dry up before day 3 and that I hurt like hell. Methadone wasnt the correct drug for me to be on and Im thankful that he's doing what he can to help, but does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do about talking with him, or how long withdrawls last even though I have another narcotic in its place? I can say that they are mild. Just very achy, moody, and deffinately dont feel like myself. Thanks in advance for any responses.