almost everything removed like a piece of my liver,21cm colon,rectum,kidney,a lot of glands and and and!Its still in my lungs,bladder and being in the 4th stage and far long the expected lifespan is 6months or so!Now I have pain in the bladder area,huge abdominal pains(colostomy),backpains,headaches due to lack of sleep or relaxing!(scared,worries and soooo sad for my 2 daughters)Pethidine was the only drug that helped but I stopped cause I went through to many a day for it only lasts 120min or so,and I'm afraid of overdosing!I don't want pills for it makes me constipated and will rather have the injections if possible!What would you recommend that would make me play and pickup and have quality time with my children without having pain,please?Lost my wife 2 and a half years ago and now I'm the only 1 left for my kids and I don't want to be in bed or not having to take them to school or whatever!Please doc?