I get very bad headaches and I am also on serax 30mg in am and at 5pm. I was on methadone for 17 months and my last dose was 10/10/09 of 20mg. I went to a detox and they gave me the above for detox and it made me normal so my Dr just left me on the above. He is a suboxone certifired doctor. My bloodpressure has been about 150/90 and pulse has been around 75. I dont know if I am still going thru withdrawals and need to up the suboxone or if it is the suboxone,I know it can cause headaches but the bp is bothering me,I never had it that high(usually 100/60. Also I am afraid to up the suboxone because of the benzo but my bp is freaking me out. I have read that some of the nalaxone can get in the bloodstream and could it be a reaction to that. Has anybody had this reaction and can give me insight on this medicine and their experience. Thanks