you then went on to say you stopped taking it.
My question is have you had a heart attack, as I have and
and have been taking Simvastatin, I recently saw my cardiologist
and he doubled my dosage from 40mg up to 80mg because my cholesterol was up to 3.8, the reason I went to see him was because I felt so good!, and was hoping he would take me off them or the Ramipril.
Since then like you I have had severe muscle tightness, my GP Changed
me to 20 mg of crestor and 12.5 of metoprolol which dropped my cholesterol to 3.1, but I still have severe muscle soreness,and have managed to injure some tendons too probably because of the tight muscles, i still have sore tendons especially on my upper hamstrings (what a bummer)!
What did you change to and did it work? Regards Tom