I have had an upper respiratory infection for about a month now. It seems to be just hanging on and on. In itself this is not a problem, but I am on oxygen 24/7 for some other medical problems that I have. I am also having a lot of sinus problems with this, and last week I started using a nasal spray to help me to keep my sinuses open. Suddenly, a few days ago, my nose started plugging up more often, causing me to use the spray more often. Since getting up this morning I found I had to use it every couple of hours to keep my nose clear enough to use my oxygen. It's worsened as the day progressed and then by 4:00 this afternoon I was down to about an hour. Since around 7:00 tonight I'm plugging up completely every 5-7 minutes, and this is now a real problem. When my nose plugs completely like it is, I don't get the air I need, and of course with my nose completely plugged, I can't get enough air in. I tried putting my tubing in my mouth, but that is not really working very well, and I find myself getting a little lightheaded. Does anyone know what I should do, other than going to the emergency room to tell them my nose is stuffed up? I knew that nasal spray can cause problems like this but was not aware it could happen this quickly or this seriously. I knew one person that did this, but they did not have the quickly worsening problem like I have. Thay said that they never had to use it every few minutes, and to quit just basically stopped using it, and within a few days, was better. I don't have that luxury. I don't use it, I can't breathe. I know I really screwed up, and now I really need help/answers. Does anyone know what I should do?