... also has some anxiety issues. I was sooo nervous doing this and felt so bad all day, like I was changing the person that he was... messing with his brain. I know our choice to medicate was well thought out since he was a toddler, I'm just feeling guilty, wishing that something else worked besides medication. Anyway, besides needing some moral support, I have a question about leg stiffness. I mistakenly read a forum where a parent stated that her son couldn't move his legs after taking Vyvanse. Ironically, the only complaint our son had today was that his legs were "kinda stiff." He has no idea that the medicine may cause side effects so we just told him it was probably from sitting in the car for awhile. Has anyone else had this and will it eventually go away? The other thing is that he seemed almost too mellow... super cooperative and calm all day... which has it's pros and cons... but I don't want to take away his personality. Will that side effect eventually to away also? He is only taking 20mg and I don't believe that there is a smaller dosage. Thanks! ;)