... life had change and the dr told me its due to the changes i recently went through. They put on lexapro and xanex to help the anxiety and panic attacks. I was on 10 mgs of lexapro for about 2 months. At that time my husband and I started to discuss having a baby. And The dr told me i cant be on lexarpro what so ever. So they told me well since you havent been on it long you shouldnt have any withdrawal effects. Wrong i was so emotional for a week my body ache i was sick to my stomach. So they said to wean my self off so i did over a month and half. The first week I have body zaps. The follow week i have had headaches now those for the most part went away i get every now and then and i am noticing that my anxiety is getting worse and worse. I normally only take a .50 xanex a day in the morning. But its getting to the point that i wake up in the middle of the night with anxiety that i have to take another .50 of xanex. My goal is to get off xanex as well and only take it when i need it. My question is anxiety apart of the withdrawal does it get better? I would get anxiety normally and be able to talk myself down and just breath deep in and out. I just want off due to the fact that we are trying to have a baby. And Am worried because xanex is hard to get off i heard. So by me taking more worries me more. My dr did tell me to take 0.25 of xanex 3 times a day to help with the withdrawal but the 0.25 does nothing to me since they had me taking the .50 and my body is use to that