I am in severe pain daily 24/7. Neuromuscular disease spinal degeneration etc. I have been on mega doses of 2 tabs 4 times a day Hydro 10/325 plus oxycodone every 4 hours for breakthrough pain, plus Some 350 mgs 5xs a day. I went to see the pain management specialist last week he spoke of getting me on Subutex. I have been on all this stuff for 10 years for medical reasons. My pain is constant. I am dependent on this stuff, but I thought the way he described it that he helped with pain. It does not look like it does. I do not want to second guess a Dr. but the last time I was w/o medicines and in severe pain I tried suicide, so I need to know exactly what properties Subutex has- looks like it just helps with severe with drawls, what about the severe pain? I am bedridden with pain- I cannot go back to that again. Need advice. I see him next week. Patricia