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Hi,i am suffering of lower back pain, any drugs for it,reply?

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itsmetoo2 24 Mar 2010

Have you had this before? If so are you being treated with what medications and how long?

Then with these answers I can maybe make some suggestions..

subzero58 24 Mar 2010

hi anan, thats a tuff question to answer without a little more background info. you could be allergic to some kinds of medications and unable to take others. try starting on motrin and see a doctor

kimmie1 25 Mar 2010

As everyone before me has asked, are you currently seeing a doctor for this pain? Has he or she given you any meds at all? Are you just asking for something to take over the counter? That being the case, start out with whatever the pharmacy suggest. Such as Naxopren(sp), Aleve, anything with an anti-inflammatory drug in it as that reduces swelling. But, if your stomach cannot handle that, they drugest ,can suggest something that will help. Good Luck. kimmie1 free discount card

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