I have struggled with depression and anxiety which turned itself and manifested into physical chronic pain and fatigue. The withdrawals, I had started takingn too much alcohol, vicodin, and klonopin - were terrible.. I still NEVER feel right. And suboxone while it helps, makes me feel sometimes like I'm coming out of my skin and can't carry conversations. I just feel really depressed as things have been so hard lately. On the outside everything's "perfect" ha ha. I mean good family, little girl, though she did come through a date rape, she's an angel. I just can't slow my thoughts down and feel normal physically or mentally. I would like the soboxone to really help I just don't want to feel so zoned out - does that go away? Anyone's story, or advice would be so deeply appreciated as I feel so alone in this and I feel like I can't put words to this experience and no one understands. I just need hope.