n about a year ago now and I think I built up a tolerance and started to feel very agitated and anxious in the late afternoon. I am also on ambien at night to help me sleep and have been on this for many years. I have fibromyalgia as well. I also take prozac 20 mg daily for depression. I have tapered off the oxy from 20 to 15 to 10 and then 5. I have been off of them for about 3 weeks now and I still feel very very anxious in the late afternoon especially and all I do is cry. How long will this feeling take to go away? I feel just awful and not myself. I used to be ok before the oxycontin and just the ambien but now I dont know what to do. I am 56 years of age and work part time but I have been unable to work lately as I feel just terrible. Please could someone help me with what to do. Thankyou in advance. Sue