PRIOR MEDICAL HISTORY... I am currently very active and physically fit due to the military. As a child I was diagnosed with ADHD and was prescribed Ritalin. "Probably from siting on my butt playing video games all day" After I joined the Army i quit my dose because running around all day slowed me down without the requirement of pills, Being active instead of playing video games will fix all modern day kids that parents just want to give a pill instead of playing catch with JUST A SIDE NOTE!!! I have no history in my family or myself of heart problems. I was recently prescribed a low 15mg dose of Adderall XR "by request due to reading up about the addiction problems". I just started these Meds and have been on them for TWO days now. This is the only medication that I am on, you have to fight me to take a aspirin, The Instructions read take 1 to 2 in the morning on full stomach as well as the afternoon if needed. NOW THE CURRENT HISTORY , Well in the military I do route clearance "LOOK FOR BOMBS" and I just returned from my forth tour in Iraq, I have now been diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury from about 20 IED explosions and a gunshot wound to the head. This has caused sever memory and focus problems, :"Its legit I'm still off of the game systems". And don't worry God HAS HAD MY BACK it could be a lot worse. However TBI by no means causes your heart to race" I have no other mental problems, or physical disability's. I was told by my "MILITARY DOCTOR, AND I SAY AGAIN MILITARY DOCTOR" that what I am going to describe is normal. At the end of the past two days when laying down my heart races to about 90-97 heart beats per min POUNDING HARD and slows to around 59 to 65 BPM POUNDING HARD, Is this normal??? I don't want my heart to explode but do need Adderall for medical reasons, ask my wife she is getting mad that I forget to put down the toilet seat AND TAKE OUT THE TRASH.