I have been prescribed seroquel 150mg as the starting dose back in June,i was upped to 300mg 2weeks later and have been taking that dose up til the end of August when i had my last pysc app,i explained to him that i was'nt benefiting from it,it was'nt helping me sleep and actually making me more anxious,so he dropped me to 150 which i have been taking since,in the hope of getting weaned off. I have tried many anti d's for anxiety/panic attacks,depression and ocd and none of them seem to work,i am currently taking Valdoxan 50mg,along with xanax 1mg twice daily.(The xanax is the only one thta helps the panic)
My pysc app was cancelled and i dont know when i will be called for another one,the secretary said Dec is the earliest,but i cant wait that long,i want off this med as it is causing unwanted side effects even after been on it this long,plus it is making me bloated,not actual weight gain(i am still the same weight)but my legs are swollen and feet. I dont see the point continuing with a med that is'nt working as i feel its just adding another med to the list for nothing.
What i want to know is can i just stop the 150 altogether?Will i suffer brain zaps/shakes and major wd's? I am scared to come off because of feared wd's,i am also currently undergoing treatment for endometriosis as alot of you already know,so i'm not the best painwise at the moment.I know i have advised other people in past posts to taper off certain meds,but now i'm at a loss and stuck and want so desperately off this med.
Can anyone give me advice or share their opnion in what i could do to make coming off this easier?Should i increase in any vitimans or anything from the health store or otc meds or will the xanax i am prescribed help?
Sorry this was so long,but i'm confused as what to expect but adamant i want off.
Also i asked my gp could she give me lower dose for me to go to 100mg,then 50mg,but she said she cannot go over pysc,but i cant understand as i cant see him til god knows when.So please any advice welcome!!
Thank you in advance.