some advice on the best way to taper off Methadone. The stimulator (so far) is helping with about 50% of the pain below my waist - about 30-40% of my whole body overall. Whoo Hoo! I am two weeks out from my implant, and will start going to pool therapy at the 8 week point. On Feb 10th, I will have been a chronic pain patient for 15 years. I was on the Fentanyl patch for some 11-12 years - went up to 125 mcg until it was no longer working. The summer of 2010 I tried to steadily decrease the dose on the patch - I was wanting to get off all opiates. I dropped from 125 mcg to 50 mcg over 3 months and had constant withdrawal symptoms. The pain was excruciating! so I elected to go on Methadone for the chronic pain. I have never had any problems with addiction - I was advised that it helps some with nerve pain, and it has. I initially went up to 90 mg/day of Methadone, then last spring I decreased to 70 Mg/day of Methadone and 65 -15mg Oxycodone per month for breakthrough pain. I am on Lyrica - 250mg/day, Flexeril 10 mg three times a day, 1 mg Klonopin and 50 mg Amitryptaline for sleep, with another 25-50 mg of Amitryptaline as needed for pain relief. I also take meds for constipation, migraines, arthritis flares, fluid retention, etc. So, now that you've got all that(!) - my question is: How to best taper off the Methadone so to have the best chance for my brain to start working and making these much needed neurotransmitters once again? It's been 15 years using opiates for pain relief - and I want to be free of them! My doctor pretty much goes along with whatever schedule I want, as long as I am working towards getting off the opiates - that is the main focus! My body has shown me many times that, for me, slower is better. What taper schedule would you all recommend, and when to start it? I'm feeling really good after my implant surgery - just some pretty bad muscle spasms where they cut through muscle. I'd appreciate any and all advice - Thanks to each of you!!!