BE? I almost put crazy glue in my eyes instead of an eye drop bottle, which is shaped just like the crazy glue bottle! This week has gone from bad to ridiculous! I would laugh, if it didn't hurt so much!!
Hope one and all had a Happy Thanksgiving! (Save for those outside the USA... but you can always celebrate it anyway!!)

I had an allergic reaction to Baclofen, I was (to put this politely) 'driving the porcelain bus', O what fun!! My cankles became gigantic, I spewed, nay, power- puked all week!! (I should have warned that this contains icky info, not for the nauseated!!! SORRY!!)
Thank you Mary, LaurieShay and maso4169 for helping me through this!! Laurie warned of these possibilities, and maso has been with me through this every step!! And my Mary, where would I be without you? I'd be in Hospital, or the Cemetery, or I shudder to think!!

Baclofen must be tapered off of, hence, withdrawal, seizures, and all manner of lovely stuff. I shall update you if I have a seizure. I'm a~prayin' I don't have one, that is for sure and certain!! TY Mary for the taper plan!!!
Love to all,
sweet lemon