My brother that lives in Tucson has been hospitalized again with a mysterious rash, & swelling from the waist down including his private parts. He had had a hernia repair about 5 weeks ago. & they have drawn over 600 cc of fluid from his wound. They found out today he also has MRSA from a urine cutlture. It isn't lookin good for him & I am quite worried being so far away . I ask & plead with you that you pray, & give him all your good thoughts & good wishes, He may have to go into a nursing facility after the crises is over this time. I am worried sick about him, but there is nothing I can do. The MRSA was found in his urine, so I suspect it is in his bladder or all up inside of him. He is quite sedated at this time, so is resting as well as can be expected. I know I have asked this before, but now it has become life threatening, so please, please, pray for his recovery. Thanks to all that care... Mary