i was curious because I do and this slow detox is making me Edgier every day.I suppose when husband leaves I will feel less stressed but today I had to take about 3/4 of a Valium with the 1 325 hydro 1 50 mg ultam and 1 soma. that seems like so much crap and yet I just feel normal now with a bad attitude.I will not go into what is happening here at least not now.I am not talking about drugs,my marriage.I do have moments of "sanity" but this is about drugs and best way for me to survey the withdrawal. I am astounded at my anger and what I want to say half the time lately.I know you all are being very patient with me because this question sounds a lot like yesterday's.please respect my decision to do this minus the dr. That gave me these pills.I will hire a nurse if I have to .I will not being outing myself my island is too small.perhaps I need a real step by step detox,no subs please.that is my choice not my opinion.please I love you all and respect your insight and need your help,hugs c