i am an insomniac, bipolar and also have been told im scitzophranic. regaurdless i am taking suboxone i have been for close to a year now i also take trazadone and or ambien for sleep along with effexor and xanax for my anxiety. acctually truth be told anxiety is my biggest problem anyways heres the story and anyone who lives in new york state knows that the laws on dwi have become alot strickter. i was unaware of that fact. but my story continues i have never even heard of a dwai untill last week when i was charged with one. now i know that the medicine that i recieve are narcotics and can be dangerouse and it is labbled on every bottle i have. so the other night i was tossing and turning and could not sleep i had already taken my trazadone but it was not helping as directed by my doctor if this happens i can take and ambien 10 mg. so i did around 5 in the morning and it worked and i slept till about 11 now when i wake up i take my morning suboxone and a 2mg xanax cause i wake up with heart palpitations almost every morning so i took my usual doses... now i live alone and have my own veicle i wait about an hour after taking my medacine now i usually dont leave my house alot but i need some food for breakfast. so still feeling fine and normal i get into my car and start to drive, while on the road i started to become increasingly dizzy and decided i needed to pull over because somthing was wrong with me so the closes place to pull over was a tire changing garage slash gas station so i pulled in and am now about close to passing out so i attempted to park my car and sit there till i felt better while parking my car i accidentally bumped in the garge door breaking a glass window on the bottom. so of course now its concidered a traffic accident so i finished parking my car took the keys out of the ignition and waited for the cops. who without question put me under arrest now this was 11am in the morning. i dont drink alchol ever because i am on so much medication. so when i got to the station they gave me a breathalizer and i blew all zeros 0.00. so i figured i would be released but they continued to hold me in there jail about an hour later a new york state highway patrol officer comes to my cell and asks me to take some test for him i agreed because i thought this is no problem i had a small accident no one was injured and i was on all of my own perscribed medacine from my doctors. so after a few test they formally place me under arrest claiming that i was under the influence of drugs which i was but only ones perscribed to me by medical proffesionals . so anyways now they have me in the news saying i was high on drugs when this accident happened and i was charged with two seperate felonys i cant believe this has happened to me. thats when the polices informed me that even if medacine is perscribed to you and is in your name you can still be held accountable. im a good guy ive had a few scraps with the law b4 but not like this i just dont see how by taking my own medacine perscribed by a doctor i could be brought up on such harsh charges... ADVICE OR OPINIONS ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!