... have quit worrying about all my other issues for the last few months however those issues have come up and I have a questions about blood work.

For the last 20 months my monthly labs have high WBC (white blood count), high sed/ESR rate, Low iron which I have been taking iron pills for 20 months, Low Vitamin D, which I've also been taking 50,000 monthly, and a few other irregualar labs.

After my blood draw this week they called and said that since I'm going on 2 years with these irregular labs it is time to see Oncology.Hemotoligy and I have an appt next week.

My question is has anyone had these similar labs and what the out come was or could be? I'm quite worried about it but I figured it was common because my Rheumotologist let it go on for so long.

What would make it still be irregular when I take meds for it? ALthough I had a negative ANA I'm still being treated for Lupus although it is not confirmed but I have text book symptoms for it.

Any help or advice would be great!