... really bad panic attacks. ive had one while driving, while at school, at home, during music practice; basically anywhere and everywhere. Im trying yoga for relaxation and am trying to whine off of xanax. I was at .5mg twice a day. I am now at .25mg twice a day but when i try to go below that i get more panic attacks and recently have had trouble breathing and pain below my rib cage and heart palpitations. I still get what i call crazy thoughts. I have a huge fear of death and everytime I feel a symptom I feel like im going to die. Can anyone make any suggestions to what else i can do other then yoga. I was looking at herbal teas but have noticed that many interact with xanax. Are there any non pill alternatives out there that can help me whine off xanax. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

btw i have had many test done to rule out heart problems or anything of that matter and have come negative.