... I can make it to avoid boring you all to death!

I have been diagnosed wiith "complicated cluster migraine disorder". I am a blissfully happy married mother of three, with a husband who has been my greatest support system - truly, I have no idea where he finds the patience sometimes!

Anyway, my question. I have gone throught the gammet(sic) of pain controlling drugs - morphine (in all forms), codeine, Dilaudid, Vicodin, Percocet ( all I can remember of the top of my head), in any event, the last year or two, we have been using 100mg Oxy q4 prn and 150mg meperdine/gravol 75mg IM q4 prn. It worked quite well for a while, until like everything else, we hit a brick wall and the relief stopped and the udder misery returned.

My primary's decisaion was to switch me off the Oxy's to the fentanyl patch 100mcg every 72 hrs, and using the meperdine for breakthrough pain. Thats where the trouble began!

The patch gave absolutely NO relief, leaving me taking an average of 4-5 shots per day of the meperdine cocktail (demerol) - which created an issue in and of itself as Meperdine can and is a neurotoxin whne taken in long term and high dosages. So, after discussing it with my Doc, he put me back on the oxy's, left me on the patch, and the meperdine for breakthrough pain.

I am now in a somewhat controlled holding pattern, but, feel over medicated. So, after a long discussion with my husband, we decided that a complete medical detox, and starting from scratch again might be the way to go.

So, my question is (finally!!) Have any of you taken this route? and if so... was it successful?

Thanks so much for your patience!